Video kekerasan penyiksaan jamaah ahmadiyah cikeusik

what the fuck!


2 responses

  1. susah ya hidup rukun?? diri sendiri saja belum tentu beribadah dengan benar sesuai agama yg dianut, tapi sudah menghujat orang lain, membunuh pula… urusan akhirat adalah urusan tiap diri manusia dengan Penciptanya, hidup di dunia harus tau bertindak benar sesuai moral kemanusiaan, klo gak mau disebut b*natang..

  2. Those fuckers! why the hell do they need to keep hitting for? theyre dead already! just proves to show how retarded that mob is.. acting like a bunch of savage monkeys. uncivilized, dont know about the real world. i live in indonesia and i respect the muslim religion even though im not muslim. i am a christian and i understand that these certain group of muslims do not know what they are doing. and i know that not all muslims are like that. this video inaccurately describes typical muslims. i think the indonesians who were in the mob were just uneducated, uncivilized primates with no morals or ethics. but who am i to judge? i will leave that for god to decide their fate. He is the righteous hand or sumthing like that. (i dont read the bible as much as i should)

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